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  • Lamppost LED Screen

    Outdoor Lamppost LED Screen

    Brighten Display outdoor fine pitch Lamppost LED screen makes your branding outstanding, outdoor digital signage will not be replaced and will not disappear.

  • LED Digital Signage delivers your brand mind

    Outdoor Digital Signage

    Brighten Display LED Digital Signage offers the same flexibility to quickly and responsively communicate with your audience

  • LED Street Furniture

    Outdoor Digital Street Furniture

    Brighten Display Street furniture with the brightest imagery in the industry and build to withstand full-sun conditions. Brighten Display Digital LED Street furniture showcases crisp, high- resolution videos so advertisers look their best.

  • Digital Out Of Home

    Outdoor Fine Pitch LED Display

    Brighten Display have been in depth thinking from original design to improve the outdoor equipment performance on stability and reliability ,the waterproof and superior heat dispatch are the minimum request for outdoor ,meanwhile ,we introduce Common Cathode Technology by using precise power supply control technology into outdoor LED series, bringing up the SMD outdoor screen brightness up to 10,000 nits ,it is the milestone for LED industry , this give a confidence that SMD encapsulation will take place of traditional DIP lamps for DOOH market in near future.

  • Indoor fixed LED Display, indoor led screen, Brighten

    Indoor Fine Pitch LED Display

    By the led screen technology upgrade and the cost lower down, indoor led screen with sharp image & high resolution will be the tendency go to the market. Brighten indoor fine pitch have improved on the mechanical with lightweight and super thin to more adapt indoor high-profile environment.

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