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Warranty Service Types

1: Online Remote Free Technical Service
The remote technical guidance provided through telephone, mail, and other ways to help solve simple and common technical problems. This service is applicable for technical problems including but not limited to the connection issue of signal cable and power cable, system software issue of software use and parameter settings, and replacement issue of the module, power supply, system card, etc.
2.Return to Factory Repair Service
a) For problems of Products that cannot be solved by online remote service, Brighten will confirm with the customers whether to provide returning to the factory repair service.
b) If factory repair service is needed, during warranty period customer shall bear the freight, insurance, tariff and customs clearance for return delivery of the returned products or parts to Brighten . And Brighten will send back the repaired products or parts to customer and only bear one-way freight.
c)Brighten will reject unauthorized return delivery via pay upon arrival and will not be liable for any tariffs and custom clearance fees. Brighten shall not be held liable for any defects, damages or losses of the repaired products or parts due to transportation or improper package

3.On-site Engineer Service Process

Submit service requirements through the mails or phone with Brighten contract number. Service content, site address, contact information, and visa application information shall be provided.

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