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Brighten dedicated on the solutions for LED Signs, LED Street Furniture,  Smart LED lamp-post display and had established long-term cooperative relationships with well-known companies such as ZTE, Huawei, HIKVISION and Dahua.

Brighten takes pride in its professional and passionate team in LED industry for over 10 years. Brighten’s goal is to serve and support global clients  with the

best support, and to provide quality, affordable solutions to maximize clients investment.

In domestic market we have been involved in more than 1000smart cities project with 6000sets pole screen installed integrated with latest 5G .Besides ,we are

the sole supplier of the totem for toll gate at expressway with 2000units of 88inch totems , providing dynamic contents to cover 10million audience every day.

Brighten's vision to be the market leader in the segmentation of Digital Out of Home , including LED street furniture & smart Led lamppost display.

Brighten’s vision to be the market leader in the segmentation of Out of Home advertising, including LED street furniture & signage, smart cities LED lamppost display, communities’ LED signage.


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