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Brighten Display Airport LED Screen Proposal


Brighten Display Airport LED Screen Proposal

by Brighten Display | March 14, 2022Blogs


Airport is one of the most busy areas in a city , it is the top advertisers first bid place to do the digital advertising ,it is also the first image for the city.

In this article, Brighten display will share with you how digital screen improve the airport experience .

From digital technology speaking , both LCD & LED are very popular in the airport . LCD resolution is higher and cost more effectiveness, it is an ideal product for close viewing and detail informationpresentation , for example the airport flight information display , over 60% of them is the LCD video wall market . While LEDs provide a better experience , with LEDs you can fit them into any size or any shape .LEDs have a better viewing  from far and more brighter ,colors more sharp .

Brighten Display offers a image as below for the comparison between LCD & LED.


From our experience , here are some good places for digital LED screen in the airport.

Baggage Claim

In most airports, passengers deplane far from where they pick up their baggage.  LED display screens in baggage claim areas help travelers easily locate the right conveyor for their flight, meanwhile the attractive contents could help the travellers more relax ,know more of the city.


Arrival and Departure Information

Airport travel can be time-sensitive and stressful—airport LED displays allow travelers to get the tickets &gate information , entrance &exit direction, urgent information public quickly when they’re in a hurry.



 Airport location are one of the best and busy locations from advertisers ROI angle .Digital advertisement content is the perfect way to engage the targeted audience and maximize the ROI , It also gives airports extra revenue.


 Branding stores

After a long trips or flight delay time , travellers could enjoy the shopping , LED Screen in the branding store will enhance the shopping atmosphere and increase the brand sales.


Learn more about Brighten Display proposal for airport LED displays please feel free to contact with us to get a solution and enjoy the LED Screen trip in the airports.







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