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Out of home advertising

LED Billboard


Dynamic Advertising. Unprecedented Flexibility

Just as mobile phones and tablets are reshaping our lifestyles, OOH advertising is adapting to the immediacy of today’s digital media. Brighten offers high-quality digital outdoor advertising mediums with the capability of selling multiple advertising spaces.Led billboard, street furniture, led signage ,transportation and other forms of outdoor media interact with public social spaces, connecting consumers with brands in highly engaging ways.

While TV, mobile and online have seen increases in blocked or skipped ads, Out of Home market remains the only advertising medium that cannot be overlooked. It is seen by real people where other mediums simply cannot go to engage consumers,this is the power of Out of Home Advertising

                                                                                            Unmatched service , every steps of the way

Consulation:Select from options that best fit your needs                                                                              
Site survey: Assit in finding the best location for your display                                                                                                     
Installation:  Professionals quickly assemble for your display                                                                                                       
Service:  Experts assit your after the sale

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